For All Your Special Occasions

Cakes to Cakes 


Cake Flavors:

            Yellow             (available in pound cake)

            White              (available in pound cake)

            Chocolate       (available in pound cake)


            Red Velvet





Cake Fillings:


                                ·         Vanilla

                                ·         Chocolate

                                ·         Rum

                                ·         Amaretto

                                ·         Raspberry

                                ·         Lemon

                                ·         Espresso

            Strawberry Preserve

            Raspberry Preserve

            Strawberry cream cheese

            Raspberry cream cheese

            French Cream Coconut

            French Cream Oreo

            Praline Made from real Almonds

            Chocolate Truffle


             Buttercream / Ganache under the Rolled  Fondant

Sugar Cookies and Cupcakes are available upon request



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